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International Facial Gender Symposium

Terms and conditions

  1. Conditions

This text stipulates the conditions related to the payment to be made by the CLIENT to SICAP HEALTHCARE, S.L.P. (hereinafter, FACIALTEAM) to formally register for the Event. To that effect, the CLIENT must follow the instructions found on the webpage

The present “Terms and Conditions” are signed by the party of the first part, FACIALTEAM, and the party of the second part, the CLIENT, who accepts them. The CLIENT will be responsible for consulting them when making the payment to register for the Event.

FACIALTEAM reserves the right to modify and/or update the present “Terms and Conditions.” Any and all questions that the CLIENT may have related to the “Terms and Conditions” can be addressed to FACIALTEAM using the contact data provided in the “Legal Notice.”

2. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

By clicking on the consent box and sending the registration form for the Event, the CLIENT indicates that s/he fully accepts the present “Terms and Conditions,” as well as the “Legal Notice,” the “Data Protection Policy” and the “Cookies Policy.” Should the CLIENT not agree, s/he should withhold consent.

3. Payment policy, cancellation, return and refund

3.1. Payment policy

The payment will be made by bank transfer, following the instructions on the webpage

When making the payment by bank transfer, please take special care to enter the reservation data (number) and financial data (especially regarding the “Payment description” and “Amount”) correctly. If these data are not correct, the payment cannot be completed.

The proof of the payment made will be filed and stored in the computer records belonging to FACIALTEAM, as proof of the transaction. In any event, the applicable security conditions and current law and regulations will be respected, particularly with regard to the applicable legislation regarding data protection and the rights of the CLIENT pursuant to the “Legal Notice,” the “Data Protection Policy” and the “Cookies Policy.”

The bank transfer will be made in euros (€).

3.2. Cancellation, return and refund policy

The CLIENT has the right to cancel the payment within a period of fourteen (14) calendar days from the date it was made. To exercise this right, the CLIENT must contact FACIALTEAM before the aforementioned period at the following email address:

Beyond this deadline, the CLIENT will not have the right to any refund in the event that s/he withdraws from or does not attend the Event, given the potential difficulty or impossibility of filling the vacancy left by the CLIENT.

In the event that the Event does not take place for reasons attributable to the Event organizers, FACIALTEAM will return the amount paid by the CLIENT as soon as possible and upon request.

4. CLIENT obligations

The CLIENT undertakes, expressly and without restrictions, to comply with the following stipulations:

    1. To respect these “Terms and Conditions” and to comply with the “Legal Notice,” the “Data Protection Policy” and the “Cookies Policy,” as well as any other conditions that may be applicable on the basis of the relationship between the Parties, indemnifying FACIALTEAM against any sanctions or damages arising from failure to comply.
    2. To provide correct and accurate data when filling out the Event registration form and when making the payment by bank transfer.
    3. To be the holder or authorized user of the bank account used to make the payment and under no circumstances to use third-party data, unless sufficiently empowered to do so.
    4. In the event of making a payment in the name of a legal person, the CLIENT must be sufficiently empowered to do so.

5. Availability and liability exclusion

FACIALTEAM will not assume liability of any kind as a consequence of CLIENT errors or omissions in the information provided or as a consequence of the CLIENT’s failure to comply with the stipulations in these “Terms and Conditions,” the “Legal Notice” or any other conditions that may be applicable to the relationship between the Parties.

Specifically, FACIALTEAM will not assume liability of any kind as a consequence of the CLIENT incorrectly entering the amount to be paid in the field for that purpose. In the event of underpayment, FACIALTEAM will not process the reservation until the amount stipulated in the instructions is reached, such that if the payment of the correct amount is not made on time, registration for the Event may not be completed. In the event of overpayment, FACIALTEAM will be able to deduct any commissions or other expenses arising as a consequence of the refund.

In general, FACIALTEAM has no liability beyond that stipulated in these “Terms and Conditions,” any others in the “Legal Notice” that may be applicable and those arising from the relationship between the Parties created by this Agreement. In any event, any liability will be limited at a maximum and on any basis to the total amount received by FACIALTEAM from the CLIENT.

6. Liability

The CLIENT accepts that FACIALTEAM will not be liable, whether directly or indirectly, for damages of any nature arising from identity theft by third parties or any fraudulent use of his/her bank account. The CLIENT is solely responsible for diligently safeguarding the data in his/her bank account/s. Neither is FACIALTEAM responsible for any commissions, charges or other costs that the bank holding the bank account may charge the CLIENT.

The CLIENT undertakes to indemnify FACIALTEAM against any and all damages that may arise, whether directly or indirectly, as a consequence of failure to comply with these “Terms and Conditions” and the “Legal Notice,” as well as any breach of the applicable legislation and/or infringement of the rights of FACIALTEAM.

7. Conditions and use of the website

For any question, point, mention, right or obligation demandable by/for the Parties that is not included in these “Terms and Conditions,” the stipulations in the “Legal Notice” will be applied. As such, it is RECEOMMENDED that the CLIENT closely read the “Legal Notice” before accepting these “Terms and Conditions.”